Keyword search for published social media posts

Social media editorial calendar management is supposed to only take a small portion of my time, so I need to be able to recycle evergreen content efficiently.


The problem: I can't find it.


It would be great to be able to keyword-search published posts so that I could easily find posts featuring a particular product, topic, holiday, campaign or hashtag.


Currently, it seems that the most efficient way for me to do this is export my published posts and keyword-search the Excel file. It would be more efficient if I could search in the tool, then clone any relevant posts I find.

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Hello All,


I think it would be very useful to have a search feature for finding previously posted social media posts. Quite often I need to check what was posted regarding a similar content or when referencing the same blog.  Or when was the last time we posted on a particular topic or used a specific piece of content.


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Yes I agree with this and would like to see a search function for scheduled, drafts and published social posts. If I want to clone a post or retweet a post, currently, I have to look back on my Twitterfeed for the date that I posted and then manually scroll through to the date, which can take a long time when you're putting a lot of tweets out a day. Please can you update on the status of the idea. Thanks! 

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Totally agree that this is needed! Would be a big time saver to have the same kind of searchability that the Blog Content offers.

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Yes, for published and scheduled, plesae.