Keyword integration within the CRM


I've been watching closely the keyword management along the whole HubSpot tool, and there's still a problem because nothing seems really connected.

Today it look like this:

1) KW in the blog composer: just internal for the blog post writing, SEO analyze but just that. It does not actuallize Kw in the KW report.

2) KW in Campaings: it's more and administrative step, It doesn't get real info from google about the real performance of the KW. (and does not consider the KW in the blog posts)

3) KW Report: Ok, "apparentelly" you get Google info and stats about those KW.

4) Strategy: You seem to plan your content strategy, including KW, but you can only put 1 link (a pillar page) and It doesn't get metrics from the whole website to rate the content.

5) SOURCEs Report: You get to see the organic visits but when you want yo see the detail of the Kw that drove traffic/leads/customers it says "Unknown". I know Google is tacky with the info, but at this point you should REALLY consider some commercial arrangement about this.


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