Keyboard Shortcuts for CRM

I have last seen this idea floated on the forums in 2017, but it would be good to have keyboard shortcuts - Crtl+Enter to save notes and tasks, Crt+(whatever) to create new tasks, contacts, notes. It would make things flow much easier. Hubspot even has an article about how useful it would be but the

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Frustrating that this isn't getting any traction. There are lot of idea submissions that their support team could merge together. It's watering down the votes. Right now I have to rely on TAB  + SPACE to save things which works in a lot of places, but we need more shortcuts like a shortcut for search, add a contact, jump to etc. 

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I agree. Lot to be said for just flicking around the screen using shortcuts (i.e. muscle memory). 

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Can I +1 this? When I googled this I saw a ton of articles from the hubspot blog about using shortcuts in social media, chrome, etc. So if the Hubspot team is a fan why don't have have these in Hubspot? I came from Pipedrive where they had shortcuts. I'd love to have some for things like compsing email, logging calls, pretty much all the "create activity" buttons.

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+1000 for keyboard shortcuts.


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Yes please! need them so badly