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Keep quotes accessible after expiration

It’s a nightmare that quotes are no longer accessible for the customer nor possible to just reactivate them as a seller.

It would be OK to have customers access it but as „expired“.

For sales, recreating a quote just because a customer orders a few days late due to a slower procurement process (vacation, sick leave etc.) is time burning. Just give sales the option to modify quotes with regards to content and due date whenever they want.
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December 03, 2020 08:50 AM

Hey folks - if a quote is recalled by the rep, they can set a new expiration date and all of the old info is retained, so there's no reason to create a new quote, if that helps.

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The temporary solution is to set a far away date until a new feature is introduced.


Would be a great feature. Our clients finds it super unprofessional that they can't access the quote after it has expired, often resulting in us "losing" valuable points. 



I also agree! It is a huge pain to have to recall a quote just to change the date. This happens to us regularily! 

Reasons why:

- Clients are annoyed when they cannot see the quote anymore

- It takes up a lot of unnecessary time to edit & recall each quote

- Why have a due date if it can't be correctly used? (When using the temporary solution of setting a far away date)


I would love if the quote were still accesible even if the due date is expired.



Exactly! I absolutely agree with Lblassmann. This is something many users
have been asking for. Even if the quote is expired and the top of the page
states "Quote Experied" it should allow the client to contact their sales
rep. And to at least see a branded landing page for the company they are
purchasing from. Not a hubspot page with Hubspot logo.
Please! When can we expect this to change?

Make this happen. So annoying.