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Keep quotes accessible after expiration

It’s a nightmare that quotes are no longer accessible for the customer nor possible to just reactivate them as a seller.

It would be OK to have customers access it but as „expired“.

For sales, recreating a quote just because a customer orders a few days late due to a slower procurement process (vacation, sick leave etc.) is time burning. Just give sales the option to modify quotes with regards to content and due date whenever they want.
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agree with this!


Agree 100% .. any progress on this ?


Agree this is a really good improvement. Love to see it come to life. 

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Hey folks - if a quote is recalled by the rep, they can set a new expiration date and all of the old info is retained, so there's no reason to create a new quote, if that helps.

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Hey @ethankopit 

Thanks. We´ve all seen the feature in the last few months and it´s extremely helpful.


Still.... even after expiration we would like the quote to be accessible. Isn't it possible to keep the quote accessible and create a warning message? Before if you would get a quote on paper that would also not dissapear on the expiration date, would it? 


I think the main issue here isn't needing the refresh a quote but rather when the quote is signed with a payment method attached ie Stripe that it's now essentially an invoice and having invoices that go passed the due date expire makes little sense.


Agreed, the recall and change expiration option is helpful in circumstances where the sales cycle is extended, but not helpful for signed customers who just want to refer back to their quote after the expiration date, which is the primary problem we are running into.


When a quote is created via HubSpot Quotes, the customer can go in and sign the quote + pay for the service after producing the signature. However, when the quote expires, the customer can no longer pay even if they used the same link to sign the quote. This is a big issue because we then have to manually bill the customer by sending another link using another platform, creating confusion on their end and additional work on ours. 


Suggestion - once a quote has been signed, eliminate the expiration restriction so that the customer can still pay their quote days or weeks after they sign. 

Example - Quote is signed at the end of the month. Even though the offer terms expire, the customer can still go into the same link the next month to produce payment. This is something not available today.


Customers need to be able to see quotes past expiration date - just need to adjust the wording and actionable items. ESPECIALLY if they've signed the quote, they should be able to digitally access what they signed, to compare to any receipt from Stripe payment and invoice from our company as reference. They get a copy of the quote they signed in email (a link and PDF), BUT the link says "view it from your web browser until the page expires" - defeating the purpose of being able to use it for "records purposes." Yes there is a PDF, but people lose attachments easier than original emails with links. 


Customers should be able to still see a quote that has expired, it may have a big watermark ontop that says expired. Or a large stamp across the top that says expired.  

If you cannot view the expired quote, there should be an ability for the customer to see a branded material from our company instead of a 404 looking page.  The current page is not branded and does not allow for us to add any information that the customer may need. They should be able to see our brand logo, the name and contact information for their sales rep, along with the products they were quoted and even just a button that says, Please requote me.


PLEASE Hubspot can you make this happen?🙏


This is really important for us too


Leave quotes viewable. Make sure the expired status is written in clear, bold letters but leave the quote viewable. It creates no end of trouble with clients when the quote expires and they have to come back to their sales reps just to be able to see what they agreed to!!


Hi HS community. 

Not being able to view a quote online (not pdf) once it has been signed and the expiration date is expired is a real pain for the business and leads to major procurement problems when we deal with many stakeholders on the client's side. 


Can we have this adjustment done by HS in the next few days? 

Thank you





I agree with Jbreg and Lilliput00,

Not having the ability to view expired quotes  makes more work for our sales team and creates confusion for our customers. Can we make this happen Hubspot?


Dear HubSpot, this is really bad that the sales rep can´t see old quotes to the customer from inside the system. I can agree that it´s locked to the customer but we as a unternal user.. really bad


Complete agree and espeically with MThunberg - even if the customer couldn't see the quote, we as HS users should still be able to follow the original quote link to see the quote, even if it were just the PDF version that's available after epxiration! I can't say how frustrating it is to see "this quote has expired. please contact your rep for further information" when clicking a link. I as the rep want to know what quote it was!! but there is no way of knowing! Argh!


Agree with the idea that the quote should remain accesible for the customer, with a clear "Expired" notification visible.

It might be usefull to include some sort of "Revalidate quote" button, that allows for easy contact with the Deal Owner.


I agree with Kboschitsch and JEpp, the two most recent contributors. 

This seems like a no brainer for Hubspot, Are we ever going to get a responce from anyone at the company?


At a basic minnimum there should be contact  button  for who the sales rep is, instead of just staying "contact your rep for further information."  And the page should be branded for the company that has provided the quote. 


Please Hubspot can you change this?


We 100% agree that it's important to be able to view a quote once it's expired. Our sales team need to be able to refer back to these.