Keep quotes accessible after expiration

It’s a nightmare that quotes are no longer accessible for the customer nor possible to just reactivate them as a seller.

It would be OK to have customers access it but as „expired“.

For sales, recreating a quote just because a customer orders a few days late due to a slower procurement process (vacation, sick leave etc.) is time burning. Just give sales the option to modify quotes with regards to content and due date whenever they want.
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agree with this!


Agree 100% .. any progress on this ?


Agree this is a really good improvement. Love to see it come to life. 

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Hey folks - if a quote is recalled by the rep, they can set a new expiration date and all of the old info is retained, so there's no reason to create a new quote, if that helps.

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Hey @ethankopit 

Thanks. We´ve all seen the feature in the last few months and it´s extremely helpful.


Still.... even after expiration we would like the quote to be accessible. Isn't it possible to keep the quote accessible and create a warning message? Before if you would get a quote on paper that would also not dissapear on the expiration date, would it?