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Keep others out of marketing email and landing pages I'm currently editing

I would love it if others couldn't get in the emails and landing pages I'm currently editing. I too have been guilty on multiple occasions of getting in to edit something and a teammate is working on.


It can be frustrating when your changes stop saving. I'm grateful that at I at least get the warning. But if they got a warning first, indicating that someone is currently editing the email or landing page, it could prevent some of those hassles.


That way instead of me having to ask them to get out, they can ask me if I'm currently working on it. It would be a less frustrating interaction.

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I would love for this to become a feature - or at least an alert before you enter the page that someone else is working on it. It's causing a lot of frustration for me too. Sometimes I'll get the alert that changes aren't being saved - but not always.