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Keep case format in Deal and Company Names instead of changing to lowercase in reports

When we enter the name of a company in HubSpot, we use upper and/or lowercase letters, as per the client's details.

For example: If a company uses "VISA" in their documentation, rather than "Visa", then we enter "VISA". 

Unfortunately, when creating reports/dashboards, this formatting is lost and everything becomes lowercase.


Could we please at least have the option of keeping the format that we entered in the Name fields, whether it's Company Name, or Deal Name, etc.?


Thank you kindly!

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Hey, upping this for a customer as well.

Ideally, this should applies to properties as well. Thanks!


Hi! Any update on this? It's pretty tedious to have to update this back to title case when exporting these reports into Excel, vs. having them all show up as lowercase.


Why in the world would HubSpot not keep the formatting from how entered?  This has got to be fixed.

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Upvoting on behalf of several customers: here's to case-correct reporting! 🙂 



Upvoting this one please! I hate having no answer to other stakeholders as to why all the company names on our report look unprofessional and lowercase!


Hard to believe that this is a bug/not implemented functionality. Why would the deal name be ever changed in reporting from what is entered by the user while setting up the data?