Keep The Raw Count of Contacts in Reporting Analytics After Deleting a Record (same as form submit)

The issue here is that the website analytics view in our portals includes website sessions/views and if you DELETE a record or multiple records the raw count of contacts created will not include those that you have removed (deleted). Which entirely skews the conversion rate metrics for website analytics.


Here is the response from HubSpot support:

"Hope you had a great weekend, and thanks for holding up on this while I checked in with the team. I can confirm that if you delete contacts from your database in HubSpot, then the visits / page views by the contact will still be included in the reporting (Traffic Analytics) - this is because we always count visits / page views of website visitors whether or not they have contacts in the system.


However, these deleted contacts will no longer be counted towards the metric "Count of Contacts" / "New Contacts" in the reporting - because this is tied back to existence of a contact record in HubSpot (hence the hyperlink on the number in the reports). As such, once the contact ceases to exist, the number count also drops."



That's a big issue for anyone that cleans their database of records that are bad or have unsubscribed. That means a contact won't be counted (because they were deleted) and their sessions will be counted. Making the "Contact Conversion Rate" a metric that can't be trusted the moment you delete records. If the reporting window you're looking at includes a period of time where you actually removed contact records, the data for that conversion rate will be entirely wrong.


Personally, I don't think that's the right way to handle that. If you're going to delete data almost everywhere else in the app, you should delete the data from that view as well OR at the very least give us an option to include or exclude data from deleted records. I understand those are big asks and that sort of thing can't happen overnight, but maybe the other solution is to leave the raw count of contacts converted in the number. This is the same way you handle form fill completion data. If you leave the raw count and just put "contact has been deleted" from the details that would be good enough. This is probably a much simpler solution.


Please support the idea that we should keep the raw count of contacts in analytics data to preserve the conversion rate metric for accounts that clean their database semi-regularly.

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