Keep Blog File Library Organized

When creating a Blog post, uploaded images should be automatically organized into folders by Hubspot.

Structure could look something like this:
{year}/{#month}/{Article Title}

If the article’s publish date changes, Hubspot should automatically move the images into the new folder and delete the old folders (if empty).

This would greatly help blog managers keep their data organized and know what can be deleted.

Also, this would make sure thet never again I have to organize years of randomly uploaded data into root folders by trainees that never thought this might be a problem (yes, it never crossed my mind to explain this).

Think about how Facebook or other webpages work today: users are not used to think about these things anymore.

- users should be able to select images to insert into the articles from all blog image folders/dates, but only upload into the correct ones
- for multi-language forums, it would be nice to be able to set one article as “parent” and upload all other languages into sub folders, when needed