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Kanban view for Contacts and Companies (and maybe custom objects?)

Hi there!


HubSpot Pipeline tool is great for Sales and Support teams, but right now Key Account (Customer Success) and other teams that have continuous contact with clients really struggle to use HubSpot as Companies and Contacts just don't have any kanban/Pipeline view for them.


In that case, CRM admins need to create tons of new Pipelines for each team because no one wants to use the default view for that object that looks like an Excel. This difficulty A LOT to maintain the CRM clean and properties sync because we have a lot of teams interacting with the client in different pipelines and no one wants to use Contact or Company records to centralize data.


My idea is to have a feature to create Pipelines for Contact and Companies based on dropbox/radio select properties. And these records could be in more than one Pipeline at the same time. For example:


  1. A Pipeline that shows up Companies based on a property called "Key Account status". The stages could be the same as the dropbox options. And Companies without that property selected would no appear.
  2. A Pipeline based on the property "Marketing engagement". The same stages as the other Pipeline.


  • If Company A has both "Key Account status" and "Marketing engagement" properties set, that record will be at both pipelines simultaneously. 
  • If Company B has "Key Account status" set but "Marketing engagement" empty, will just appear in the first Pipeline.



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Yes! It would be nice if stages were also customizable.

So if you wanted you could create stages based on contact attribute dropdowns.

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This would be great, HelloAndy!


Would be amazing! We are working with Company Stages (for pre deal phase) and would love to present these companies in a Kanban view.


Would especially like to see Contacts (Leads) have a kanban view option.


It is a great idea to have a kanban view and customized stages. Hope it will be successful 


Pipedrive does this and it is amazing. I wish so badly Hubspot would pick this up


This would be game-changing! Please implement😃


From my point of view and after working in sales for decades, I rate the functionality to have a kanban board on a contact level as must have feature for a practical CRM.

Great would be if someone from HS could reply back to the group IF this improvement is on the agenda. If not - why not? If yes - when can customers expect to get this?


I feel this is a must have feature not just for the sales team but for marketing team too. If we could have a kanban view and customise it according to the contact properties, then it would surely help the marketing team too. 

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Yes please, we're needing this urgently for a client! 


Same here! Need it for our marketing team to view contacts lifecycles on a single dashboard. Reports feature simply wont work the same way 


would be amazing !! We have it for custom objects so i can't understand why we can't have it for Companies ?


I've used Hubspot across three companies and a Contacts kanban view is one of the features I really miss.  

Does anyone know of a CRM that does this really well. I saw Pipedrive mentioned and will check. 


I think it would amazing to have a Kanban view for any object. 


What I believe would work great would be to have a configurable Kanban.  For example,

  1. Click Kanban View (if first time, blank canvas) 
  2. then choose from a list of fields that would contain the choices for the Kanban (a dropdown field)
  3. then click on Kanban filter specifically on that field to be able to exclude options (maybe Kanban is limited to 5-7 options)

So if I have "Prospect Stages" as a dropdown field in Companies, it would create the Kanban with 1. Discovery, 2. Validation, 3. Negotiation, Won, Lost.  Perhaps I don't want to see lost deals, I could use the filter to hide the Lost stage


Just a thought, but it would create so much flexibility to leave the Kanban choice to us