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Just one variable short of native site search ability

I recently built a search for a blog using Hubl and a few lines of javascript. basically if the url contained a query then my code would search through all of the content componants (title, body, topics, etc) for each article and return any articles containing the query. 


The key variable was the {{ contents }} variable that contains all of the articles information for the specific blog. 


Considering that google site search premium is shutting down (and was never really brand friendly to begin with) I have seen a lot of need for an alternative. The fact is that a native site search in Hubspot is 100% possible except for one problem, there needs to be a variable like {{ contents }} that contains all live pages and blogs on the site. something like {{ site_contents }}. 


I understand that, while articles have the post body field for the content, site pages are made up of all sorts of rich text modules and etc., but if you could combine all of these, per page, into some kind of sudo post body, and give us this variable you would remove the need for third party search programs. 

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I second this request. Or even to add a more robust site-wide search module that makes it simple for even non-coders to add a brand-friendly search module to their sites. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team