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Joined List Date

Please add the ability to see when contacts joined a list, without having to go into each contact's membership pages or create individual workflows for each list.

I’d like to be able to pull all the joined dates from an particular list, rather than go contact by contact.  For example, if I have a List XYZ which consists of 150 contacts, when I export it I’m able to see the following data:


First Name

Last Name

Phone Number

Job Title

Create Date

Company Name

Recent Conversion

Recent Conversion Date


I would love to be able to see the date they joined List XYZ as well.  That way I don’t have to go into all 150 contacts’ membership pages.  Please add a way to do this on a large scale.

Thank you

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September 29, 2022 10:44 AM

Hi all,


Thank you so much for adding this great idea. I'm happy to say that this has now been delivered.

You can set up this column inside any list by going to:

Actions > Edit Columns > Added to List Date.


This column will now show in every list if you select the checkbox: Apply to all contact lists.

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 This would be massssssive!


Agreed! I would use it to help calculate an expiration date field to be used for CASL and Implied Consent rules, such as:

"From the date a user entered this list, populate an expiration date field for 180 days from that date". 


Crucial for HighScore skimming. 


At least once, no twice a week, no day....I get so frustrated about this. This would save me so much time and hair pulling. 


 Love this idea... crazy that you can't do this now.


This would save me a HUGE amount of time!


Would definitely be a life saver!

My basic need : 
I have a list called "MQL 700+" which contains the number of MQL's with a Hubspot Score greater than 700. This is my main KPI to evaluate the performance of campaigns acquisition, as my lead scoring is pretty aggressive.

I would like to be able to identify the contacts that have been joining this list per month, so I could measure my perfomance over the year. Basic need, I told you. Sadly, still can't do it right now. 



Great idea! Anyone have a great workaround to solve this today?


For example, I use Hubspot to handle sign-ups for events such as webinars and breakfast seminars.

When a colleague asked me, who have signed up to the event the last 7 days?


I cannot actually answer that question accurately. I can see lastest conversation per contact, but maybe some contact has converted somewhere else on my website at the same time.


So basically.....well over a year later and no solution to what one would think would be an easy fix. This continues to be a headache for me.


But at least the UI looks nicer? :womanfrustrated 


Yes! This would be great. Would even love to know if this is something that is on HubSpot's roadmap. 


Hi @Tiffany35406 and all on this thread, was just checking in to see if this Contact property was in the works. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure you all knew that "Added to List Date" is available as a field when you export lists. Not perfect, but a workaround. You could even export/import at some frequency to update a custom property.


This would be extremely helpful. HubSpot, any word on this?


I'm running into this right now!


I really need to be able to see which contacts joined a list durring a specific time period.

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Yes, useful for sending emails to new people added to a list!

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You can use a worklow to accomplish this goal the below link goes to the original post:


Here is a step-by-step summary:


Create new property > make property be a date picker > create workflow > pick enrollment trigger > Add to a static list > After adding to a static list > Set contact property to the new date picker > set date picker to equal time of step 

Create an active list > set active list criteria to equal member of the newly created static list > add any additional filters > click the actions button > select columns > find the new date picker property.


Yaasss! I was just searching Google for a solution.  I'm sad this isn't in place. 

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Hi Kristin, 


Does your account have access to a CSM (customer success manager)? If you are unsure, please call 1-888-HUBSPOT ext. 3

If you do have a CSM they will be able to help you in situations like these 🙂 

Happy Marketing! 


This shouldn't be complicated.  We already have a "List size over time" chart on the Performance tab.   That feature would be really helpful.

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Hi all, if you click on download list on the list marketing list tool, and the you insert the property you want to download you are presented witn a Special property option called ¨added to the list date¨ - Now you have it, but not in hs, you have in your downloaded csv. For me would be great at least, having the possibiilty to put it into the edit column options within the list!


Would love to be able to track our list growth over time using this! For example - tracking how our blog subscribers have grown over time!