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Jira integration - attach multiple Jira tickets to one HS ticket

Currently, it is only possible to have one Jira ticket connected to a Service ticket in HS. 
This demands that you have several tickets - sometimes for the same client - for each Jira ticket. 

It would save tremendous amounts of time if you could match multiple tickets with one HS ticket and open up for new ways of working. 

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Hi folks! 

I'm happy to report Jira Integration users now have the ability to add multiple Jira Issues to a single HubSpot ticket.


This gives you visibility to any Jiras that are associated with HubSpot tickets directly within the CRM. No more switching between HubSpot and Jira platforms to see this information.

You can associate multiple Jira Issues to a single HubSpot ticket from the side panel for that ticket in HubSpot. Each Jira issue will display on its own dedicated card. Up to 10 issues can be associated. Associated Jira Issues will also show up on the ticket timeline.


This is now available to all Service Hub Customers.




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