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Issue with optional logic based fields which have required fields underneath them

As of around 17:00 yesterday i've started receiving queries about people not being able to submit forms. I've then tested myself and I get the message 'Please complete all required fields.' however I have completed them all. With a bit of investigation it turns out that you're now requiring people to fill out required fields underneath logic based fields, even if the logic based field isn't required itself.


If you take a look at the following scenario you'll see why this is massive issue:


Scenario 1:

Imagine you want to collect feedback from your customers, so you build a form which has a Yes/No dropdown and the question is 'Would you like to give us feedback?'.


Now if a user selects 'Yes' you've set up a logic based field, which you've marked as 'Required', to appear asking them for their feedback, and if the user selects 'No' there is no logic field that shows and they can submit the form without leaving feedback.


If a user selected 'No' they'd never be able to submit the form, because you've put validation to say that no all the required fields are filled it (because you're looking at the required field under the 'Yes' option).


Scenario 2:

Let's say you have a logic field which has 2 answers, let's say Yes or No again. In this example we'll select Yes.


The logic will then display different required answers based upon whether you select Yes or No


Currently, you'd never be able to submit the form, because you cannot select Yes AND No, therefore i've been displayed a required field from selecting Yes, and I fill that field out, however because I can't select No as well and there's a required field underneath that, I can't submit the form


I have submitted a chat ticket for this, and on the ticket there are a couple of forms which demostrates this bug (#3662454)