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Issue Tagging on Conversations

When a customer service agent handles a conversation from email, message or chat it would be nice to assign an issue category, so an agent can flag the conversation as: shipping issue, or missing account information.


So within dashboards directors can see the types of issues popping up.



👋Hi all, here's my short term solution:

  1. Create New Property on Contact Object: i.e. Latest Reason for Contacting
  2. Add Property to Right Sidebar. For easy access:
  3. Train Customer Service Team, and Optimize Property Values
  4. Create Report of Latest Reason for Contacting:
  5. Distribute to Teams for Continual Improvement, or Automate Responses 😎
  6. If you have any questions on my solution email me at

**FYI works great with forms too.


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This is very odd and I believe it will be a stopper to our company. A huge disadvantage in comparison with other platforms. 


We would need this! Unfortunately the suggested workaround only works when it is the lastest reason for contacting and is not based on the actual incoming conversation.

Another workaround is creating tickets with tags but that is more complicated and not needed when you normally do not use the tickets... 

Seems that there are at least 3 similar open community pages with people
requesting it and not receiving any feedback from their development team.

Since the demand seems to be critical I went ahead and contacted their
support, expressing a huge concern in terms of what kind of negative
experience this lack of attention to this matter creates. What I received
from them astounded me even more. I quote: As you know, this is currently
not available in HubSpot at the moment. It is a feature that I can confirm
the product team are looking into, with potential to use AI to autotag
conversations, but at this point we do not have a roadmap for when this
will be rolled out.

So I went ahead and asked them back. Long story short: "Before attempting a
sprint, maybe you should consider learning to walk". They went silent
without ever responding to me. So I wouldn't get our hopes up that this
will be released at least by the end of this decade.

Real Fact: Not a very customer centric company.

Sounds like a good workaround and will check it out!


Hopefully the HubSPot product team works on a tagging solution for conversations to the integrated inbox, would be really useful to generate monthly reports off this to see any patterns of the same query/request from customers.  Would help our business to then conduct training / generate user guides for the specific query 😊   


Highly requested by all of our clients, especially for the chat (for example: "did we solve this issue by ourselves? – yes or no", "question was related to XYZ" etc).