Issue Tagging on Conversations


When a customer service agent handles a conversation from email, message or chat it would be nice to assign an issue category, so an agent can flag the conversation as: shipping issue, or missing account information.


So within dashboards directors can see the types of issues popping up.



👋Hi all, here's my short term solution:

  1. Create New Property on Contact Object: i.e. Latest Reason for Contacting
  2. Add Property to Right Sidebar. For easy access:
  3. Train Customer Service Team, and Optimize Property Values
  4. Create Report of Latest Reason for Contacting:
  5. Distribute to Teams for Continual Improvement, or Automate Responses 😎
  6. If you have any questions on my solution email me at

**FYI works great with forms too.


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Would really love this feature! We don't use ticketing as the vast majority of our customer queries are resolved within the live chat in 5 minutes so categories is not an option. To be able to tag conversations so we can see they type of queries that are coming in would be invaluable.


This is in relatilty a fundemental step in service management and a huge opportuniuty missed.


Its standard operating process to categorise incoming correspondece from any channel.  Think of all the missed data 😞


I would appreciate this feature as well!


I can't believe that HubSpot does not have a way to tag conversations on the chat... Not every conversation turns into a Contact that is worth saving.


This had to be a priority since DAY 1, I really dont know how they have so many reports about how many conversations you have but we can not chet what are them about!!! We cannot organize with tags or  any other method.

We need this for chats URGENT! 


This is absolutely necessary for support teams that actually want to add value to their organization. we can't keep going without visibility and not have the organization not know what conversations are happening.


That's first-rate however perhaps you have a cookie left over from whilst you were jogging against your check app here.

Why do not you run my test? If it works for you, but no longer for me, then we will have a look at what might be one of a kind.


We really need this. Knowing which are the most frequent issues our clients face is key for improving our processes and product.


Hi everyone! 

Just wanted to post about the solution we found here. We have implemented a ticketing system with HubSpot, and a chatflow. In the chatflow, the person has to answer what this question is in reference to, which autopopulates a field on the ticket level. Every email and chat then automatically creates a ticket.
For all tickets, we have added the product / issue property as a mandatory closing property, meaning that every support rep has to fill this out, if not already filled in, which mostly applies to emails.

This also allowed us to write an automated "we received your support request" message to people using the ticket workflows, whenever a new ticket comes in, and generally gives us a lot more and more accurate reporting capabilities than the conversations inbox.


Hope this helps to anyone 🙂


I would love to see this feature added. It is essential to improve your customer support!