Internationalize Meetings Time: Monday start day & 24 hour time

Strongly need that Meetings can be set to European standard with weeks starting on the Monday and not on the Sunday.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
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Hi "rlawless",


(that tag scares me ;-) )


Thanks for the feedback. But you are devaluing the product for the European market with that decision.

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Above comments are correct. It should be pretty straightforward to start the calendar on a Monday - it just looks too obviously US otherwise.

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For all your current and future German Agency Partners:

We're badly in need of an option to replace the 12h with the 24h time system and choose Monday as first day of week in the meeting-tool. We have a lot of local clients in prospect who are interested in this tool but cannot use it as long as the American elements are there. 

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Please don't replace the 12 hr w/ a 24 hr time system, an OPTION would be a great idea.

Some of us are old school from Canada.


As for Monday as the first day, that should or could be an OPTION. 

I'm Catholic and "On the seventh day, he rested" so I never did understand why or how Sunday became the first day of the week...


God Bless Smiley Happy

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We really need Monday start day & 24 hour time
This should be an easy option to set. 

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We also would appreciate a 24 hour time format. 


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Same needs for me. 24h time + week start on Monday.

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In the Netherlands we aren't used to work with am/pm time format. I believe that's even an European thing. 


In the calender (Sales Pro, for planning a meeting) it isn't possible to plan a meeting with the time format 24H. See also attachment. It would be a great advantage to use it for our customers. 


Cheers, YasserSchermafbeelding 2017-09-13 om 12.07.58.png

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+1 from us in Denmark as well