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Internal notes inside WF, lists...

It would be nice to have an internal field for registering internal comments in each workflow, list, form or email marketing. In this way, all the team can understand the reason of the creation of any item. 



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I totally agree. One comment field would help a lot. Great would be a comment list where HubSpot users can describe things or ask questions.


Yes. I need this too!! Particularly when QA-ing active list properties.


I agree.  It would be extremely helpful for us to have an internal note/comment field for lists (almost like a sticky note).  Many of our active customer lists get very complicated with who is included (e.g., Customers who are of a certain payment type, active/not on hold, haven't attended a class in x days, within a certain country, etc.)  This is difficult to capture all within the list name.  Some sort of internal note would be extremely helpful in documenting what is included in each list for internal users.


I envision as this as some sort of icon next to the list and when you mouseover it, a small modal pops up which displays the note.   You can edit the note if needed from there.