Internal note and mentions within the conversations inbox

I would like the ability to write an internal note and mention/tag a colleague in the conversations inbox. I see that you can "add note" to the user contact info who is emailing but this is in a different space. 


As a customer success manager, I spend my time in the conversations inbox, so if I need to make an internal note, for example, copy in a link to a bug ticket from jira, I need an option to have this in the email where the issue stands. Or for example, I often need to write a specific note in the conversation for a colleague before I assign the conversation to them so that they know what they should do. Also being able to tag/mention a colleague so that they get a notification is needed. The option to upload a screenshot in the internal note is also good for explaining the issue easier.


Having a note under the contact is an individual note and it can not be linked to a specific email/message. Therefore the notes could get lost. 


Without an option to write an internal note or mention a colleague I find the inbox section not meeting my use case. 

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Internal note and mentions within the conversations inboxHubSpot Product Team
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Currently staff uses Outlook and forwards an email to one or more staff members with questions in order to manage the email response. It would be better to do this through service hub, but you have a few limitations: Not all customer emails need to become tickets. At 400 per day, many are simple q&A with staff. All tickets must be closed and at 400 per day, many just Q&A, it will be missed and the audit process of menial inter-office communications would be counter-productive. If I have a ticket, on the very top, I can add a note. if adding recipients for a fast Q&A in order to serve our customers can be done as quickly and easily as forwarding an email in outlook, it would kind of serve a solution. BUT I think any type of conversation should have that note capability on top for quick inter-office Q&A and the ability to add YOUR groups of people for receipt at a click would actually be better than the process of forwarding emails among staff members. This will avoid ticket clutter where a ticket is created when extraneous circumstances occur.

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 I agree; I feel it would be helpful to be able to communicate internally about any email in the inbox with the rest of the team. Right now we can only assign and reply but having a seperate note notepad or discussion board within the inbox tool would help with internal communication. (kind of like the discussion board that is currently in projects)


It would also help management check in on emails that are assigned to individuals to see if a resolution was taken care of. 

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It would be useful to have the ability to tag/mention/@ one of my colleague directly in a Live Chat window. Currently, the only way to involve a colleague in a conversation to my knowledge it to assign it to them, email them a transcript, send them the entire customers profile URL or literally show them my screen which feels very 20th century. 


Typically the use case of this is where I am having a conversation with an existing customer or prospect that my colleagues might already been involved with. I am the first response and am happily able to act as a first response but it would be a good FYI for them to see that conversation as it's happening in case they need to jump in. Equally, they would be able to then look down a list of their 'tags/mentions/@' and see which of their clients have been active in Live Chat.

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This could work with Bots as well, tagging me or my team when a visitor has initiated a chat with the bot, but before it gets transfered to us.

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Yes, we need this too. We used to use Helpscout, which was amazing for support and easy to use. Hubspot's support has been much more difficult, and it doesn't have as clean of a UI or as much capability as Helpscout.

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This idea was set to "in planning" stage back on 08/31/18. Can we get a more recent update? Adding notes and mentions to conversations is what team support is all about.

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This is a much needed feature for us, as we are working from the conversation inbox and need to be able to communicate and help eachother from there. When is this feature being released?

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HubSpot Product Team
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This is now live!

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100% in support.  Its so obvious, it almost seems like this was a missed feature.


We try to run a 'no fumbles' sales process & each time there is a handoff in the process it creates risk.  Not having a reply function (with a notification) pushes the sales conversationsl back to slack, (and we're really trying to avoid that).