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Internal links in Documents


It would be amazing that the software recognize the links in a document.

In our proposals we have a PDF that we send to our customers, and into the document you can find links like: "Do you want know more? Click here".

Pressing here, the customers can be informed more about our services, and this links goes to our website.


Actually, the HubSpot software transform the PDF documents to an image, so this links is not available. 



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Not Currently Planned
April 27, 2020 03:09 PM

For transparency, I'm updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' as the team is not planning on this in the next quarter of work.




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After 4+ years with HubSpot I can't believe this is not possible. Ebooks and guides with hyperlinks are the pillar of a content strategy.

I'd love for this to be on the radar.



Another upvote for this feature, it's a shame that the 'Sales Docs' and 'HubSpot Files' are not treated the same for this purpose (i.e. internal nav. links work in files kept under Marketing-> Files, but no tracking of customer view per page, and the opposite is true for files in Sales-> Documents).
I suspect there is a reson to do with how the page view tracking code requires things, but I hope there is a way of merging the functions!


I create all my emails campaigns in Canva (becuase its quick, user friendly, and I have a library of unique pre-built templates for our brand), it would be nice if the embedded links would retain function when imported into HubSpot. I can't beleive this is a request going back to 2018 still "not currently planned"...


Another upvote. I can't believe this isn't even a planned feature, links in documents are basics every brand needs. 


Another request for the PDF reader to simply display the document as-is, with the same functionality as any other reader... not sure why links aren't clickable in shared docs yet! 


We don't necessarily need the embedded links to be tracked as well (although that would be cool to have), but the basic ability to view the shared PDF as intended is essential. 

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Yes @SCE  Agree 100%


This is crucial and has to be implemented ASAP!