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Internal links in Documents


It would be amazing that the software recognize the links in a document.

In our proposals we have a PDF that we send to our customers, and into the document you can find links like: "Do you want know more? Click here".

Pressing here, the customers can be informed more about our services, and this links goes to our website.


Actually, the HubSpot software transform the PDF documents to an image, so this links is not available. 



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Not Currently Planned
April 27, 2020 03:09 PM

For transparency, I'm updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' as the team is not planning on this in the next quarter of work.




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This is 100% a must. Having a document that's designed out, but the linked areas are shifted over 200px is a bit embarassing and makes us look like we don't know what we're doing. 


Users and prospects have noted that they can't click the video links, and it's derailing conversations. 


At this point it's better to send over the regular PDF without using HubSpot docs so that I know the experience is what I intend. 😞 


@TechSupport3 any information if this will be implemented?


Hi - I have been on to support about - the links are there just on a tiny hotspot.


Heck ya!   I mean this is an absolute disaster....  I have presentation .pdfs with links included and I have had people report to my client that those links don't work.  Hubspot has made me look like an amateur in front of my biggest client and it's frustrating as all get out.  I can't imagine how this isn't implemented.  Hubspot actually made my marketing WORSE by disabling the basic functionality people expect in .pdfs.


So frustrated...


If you use documents to send a .pdf, Hubspot actually disables any links in that document and makes you look like a fool to your clients.  It actually REMOVES basic functinality.


Sorry, but I don't like paying money to have Hubspot cripple my marketing materials.



Been 12 months of trying to use HubSpot. Still no effort to fix these major flaws. What is going on?!


It seems obvious that HubSpot does not care about its users. A real shame. 

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@derekdoubleyou, I wouldn't say that... Their product is the best on the market because they DO listen to users. Not sure why this one hasn't received any attention, but it's usually about prioritization of more critical ideas first.


I agree that this is a no-brainer. But perhaps they have a reason for it... Who knows...?


@orangepegs I guess I’m just frustrated that there has not been any action on this (which is fairly minor in the scheme of things) AND the fact that they have yet to roll out support for Firefox and I’m stuck using Chrome and its extension. 


The documents tool is not useful without clickable links. A regular browser lets you click on links in a PDF. But not Hubspot's preview window, where the only next steps to take are share or download. Many people view PDFs in their browser and nowhere else.


I 100% Agree. I really wish link-out in Hubspot Documents were accurately recognized. From what it looks like, hubspot is already halfway there. 

I recently created a PDF that contains a product video thumbnail which I converted to a link-out to our youtube video. When I uploaded the Document into hubspot, I noticed when I hovered over the video thumbnail, it did not recognize the link-out I created and you could not click on it to get to the video. This was a very dissapointing. 

Then I noticed a strange and random outline of a box to the left of the document. When I hovered over it, to my surprise it was the link-out to our product video on youtube. So it turns out hubspot did recoginize the link-out and it is in fact there, you can click on it and it does take you to the youtube video. The issue, the CTA to the video is not over the thumbnail where I originally placed it, instead it was thrown off to the side when uploaded into hubspot documents. 

Any solutions for this? 


yes please. Although they can get in touch if they are looking at the pdf on the HubSpot online document viewer easily enough, if they download the document they can't.


We really need this to help guide people along the Inbound nurturing journey. If they download an awareness piece we have links to other awareness pieces and to some consideration pieces inside the content. Tracking open and view time should not exclude the ability to link to other places.

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For transparency, I'm updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' as the team is not planning on this in the next quarter of work.




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Seriously how is this not a feature? This is so frustrating.


This is definitely something that should get on the roadmap. There are many tools offering similar solutions. It feels weird that this 'document viewer' doesn't support links in text and/or images. A lot of people want to use this feature to create some sort of content funnel for engagement, which is now impossible. Also, this feature would be so much more powerful if it could serve as a micro landing page with CTAs.

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This is critically important for proposals and marketing materials. I have a feeling this is an issue of the browser-based Acrobat tool (because we've seen other features that aren't supported when viewing a pdf via a browser, but fingers crossed that this can be resolved at some point. 


The lack of links in the pdf makes it much harder to use this tool. I have to debate weather or not it's better to share items here or send the pdf with the embedded links. Would use the feature far more often if it didn't remove the pdf links.


Hi @andres and community.


We are developing CloudFiles which converts all uploaded documents into PDFs and not images. Thus not only your links are preserved, text can be copied too. CloudFiles provides all the functionality of Documents and more within the context of your records (deal/contact/company). In fact, eventually we plan to release a feature which detects and makes all the links inside your PDF automatically trackable. If you would like to try it, CloudFIles is available on HubSpot Marketplace.




It's super important for a platform like Hubspost to have interactive documets not just image?!
Having the link is just the first step, there is much more value if you can embed Traceable links and Call To Actions into the document.

Otherwise I may simply send a pdf file in email, at least this way the links works?!