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It would be amazing that the software recognize the links in a document.

In our proposals we have a PDF that we send to our customers, and into the document you can find links like: "Do you want know more? Click here".

Pressing here, the customers can be informed more about our services, and this links goes to our website.


Actually, the HubSpot software transform the PDF documents to an image, so this links is not available. 



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It would be great when creating an eBook or other content for there to be certain items, e.g. telephone number or web address, to be clickable for the user. This way users can call directly or visit our website directly from the content created. 

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We also send PDFs to contacts with links to live examples of our work - so this is a pretty important feature for us.



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I was thinking that an option to scramble contacts within your call queue could be very useful. When calling many people from the same company, it would be nice to mix in contacts from other companies so you don't risk overloading a single department.

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Some of our technical documents are over a 100 pages, so embedded links in docs help our customers navigate. IMO if this ability isn't added it greatly dimishes the benefits of this feature.

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Is there any update on this? It seems like pretty basic functionality as it's part of the PDF standard...

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No, I haven´t any update Smiley Sad

I hope this soon

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This would be really helpful. We tried to add a Meeting link to a PDF and were surprised it wasn't clickable.

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Following the Inbound Marketing method, this is one of the most important features and is incredibly important for all Marketing/Sales Dep. which are using PDFs with Links and would make conversions througout Documents even easier.


I would be highly thankful for Link-Support in PDFs, since it's a great way to get new Leads and Customers.




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In regard to the Documents Tool in HubSpot Sales Pro, it would be beneficial to adjust pdf reader so it includes the links created within the document.


That's all. Smiley Happy