Internal emails sent from deal workflow


I was trying to build a new deal-centered workflow. Whenever the deal is moved to closed lost / won, we want to send an internal notification to the commercial team members. 

Currently, it is only possible to send an external marketing email. 


I suggest adding 'send internal marketing email' task to deal centered workflows. 


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My understanding of this not being doable is because hubspot would not know which contact to send the email to. The missing part is a to define a deeper relationship between contact and deal. I support both ideas:

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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This is now possible with the "Send internal email notification" action in deal-based workflows.

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Thank you for adding the Internal Email option in Deal based workflows - very handy!


However, there doesn't seem to be a way to add contact or company details in the notification. This is fine if we've included company details as part of the Deal name or Deal description, but if not it can be confusing know which company the deal relates to.


Would also be really useful if one of the Deal tokens available was the Deal URL so that we could easily click through to the Deal in HubSpot, right from the internal notification.

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Yes! Craig is reading my mind. 

I was so excited for this new functionality and wanted to draft the new notification, but couldn't add any contact or company tokens. Would be great to include it. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for the additional feedback! If there are multiple contacts associated with a deal, which contact's info would you want to the token to pull in? 

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We use a property called "role" on contact, so we would use that to know who to send the email to. Challenge with that is that we can't enforce a deal to have no more than one "role = ABC" contact, so it's error-prone. 


It would be doable if we would have a property type that is a relation to the contacts on deals. There are stories for that on the forum and this is the use case:


Another way is to create associations between multiple objects. Salesforce does it nicely with what's called there "Related List".

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If there are multiple contacts on a deal (which is quite often the case) I'd want to include all of the contact details in the internal email.


Our email subject would ideally be:

Company | Deal name | Deal ammount


Our email description would be just about every other property:

Deal name (again)

Deal description

Deal amount (again)

Deal company (again)

Deal contacts (probably a comma separated list of the contact names)

Deal owner

Deal closed won reason

Deal URL


In terms of priorities between company and contact details, I think the company associated with the Deal is the most useful. Having the contact details is a nice to have.

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@CraigBailey -- we structure our email notification very similarly. And also agreed on prioritizing company vs. contact details. 

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I really need this too!

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I agree! The deal based internal emails should have the same level of functionality as the contact based workflow emails do ! Currently the internal email notification exists  on deal based workflows but it is very limited in functionality. 

(1000 character limit and only deal tokens allowed. The HTML formatting of the email is also not very sharp. )

This becomes very difficult to explain to higher level management who is now used to getting great automatic emails from the contact based workflows. 


I have to send a deal closed email alert to my finance team and I have more information to share than what could fit in the 1000 character limit. Right now we send 2 alert emails for each deal that gets closed. ( It defeats the whole purpose of having an email alert! the finance team is still as confused as they were before the email alerts! )