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Internal SMS being sent to Deal Record owner or HubSpot User Dynamically

Would love for deal based workflows to include internal SMS sent to deal owner or HubSpot user dynamically. There is currently only a coice to send internal SMS to a specific user or phone number. When our sales agents are assigned leads, it would be nice to send out an SMS alert in addition to email to the HubSpot user/deal owner specified in the Deal record automatically.

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To help lend some clarification here, currently in the workflows you can send to a number or manually select a user (see screenshots). This becomes a manually and repetitive task as the user will need to create a separate if/then branch or workflow in order to send an SMS to a record owner.

If we look at the send internal email action, we can see the option to send to a contact owner is available; allowing the user to easily create and execute the following actions once and allow the Workflow to send to the designated owner automatically. This type of functionality would ideal with SMS.



Current process to send an SMS to an ownerCurrent process to send an SMS to an ownerSend Internal Email FunctionalitySend Internal Email FunctionalitySend Internal SMS FunctionalitySend Internal SMS Functionality


This would be a super useful addition.

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Rats. I hoped I was just overlooking it, but it sounds like the feature doesn't exist. 
Now I have to create an IF/THEN with 15 branches. 😥