Internal/Private Knowledgebase access without adding users to contacts


We are increasing our use of HS and one thing we had the ability to do with our previous system was to create knowledgebase articles that were for internal users only. While you can do this in HS you have to create a list of users based off of existing contacts which means internal users have to be contacts - which was not recommended by support when I asked but there was no other work around that I could find. You should easily be able to choose existing users as a pre-created "list". 

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We need this functionality for staff as well, and preferably there would be a way to natively assign an article "internal" status so that it can only be viewed by staff. I would rather not have to create a list of our staff members because someone is going to have to add this to their list of things to adjust when someone is hired or leaves. I see that HubSpot suggests using another service for internal knowledge base docs but it really doesn't make sense to have our product support team go back and forth between two platforms while they are trying to resolve customer issues.


Yeah, this seems like some pretty basic functionality. Had I known that was missing when I talked to the sales team I would have gone with Zendesk in the first place or some other product.