Internal Email - Send to manually entered email(s) and a contact property

Currently, users are forced to select between either a contact property or a manually entered email address for an internal email recipient. 

E.g. - A scoring workflow sends a score notification message. It should be sent to an owning user (stored as a contact property), and to a shared mailbox, entered manually. One would reference the property, and the other be the manually entered address.

"Send to: {{ contact.product_owner_email }},{{ contact.master_owner_email }},"


In many cases, a user that should receive this kind of internal alert may be out of office, or otherwise unable to follow up on the internal email. There may also be instances where the property has no value on a given contact. Rather than have those internal emails fall into a "black hole", it would be beneficial to add a manual address to ensure the internal email is handled properly. 


Timely responses to internal emails and ensuring the emails receive proper follow-up is difficult to give a value to. It will vary depending on how critical the internal email is. A score notification from a high-priority lead will have a different value than a weekly summary.


While this idea applies to internal emails sent inside of workflows, the ideal resolution would be to allow contact properties to be used alongside manually entered email addresses wherever an address may be selected.

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Talking about black holes, be warned that if by mistake one of your internal team gets marked as unsubscribed within HubSpot, all the internal emails meant to be sent will not get delivered to them. If those internal emails had workflow-specific info that your team member needed to act on, that email won't be re-sendable once the team member re-subscribes himself. It took 3 or 4 days for a team member of ours to worry why he had not been getting certain update messages. Shortly after, we realized his email had gotten mistakenly marked as opted out. There was no way to retrieve the 70-plus info-specific emails that various workflows tried to send but could not due to the unsubscribe block. We now have a workflow in place to alert us in the case that his email is ever mistakenly marked as opted out again.