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In order to be able to interact more in an organization and to emphazise or celebrate I believe that it would be great to interact with a "like" button or "celebrate" button in the Notes section in the CRM sales.

Compare to LinekdIn where you can interact with others input.


The only way otherwise is to Add a new Note with a @ "personsname" to comment or interact.

Any plans for this?

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Came searching for this exact idea - would love to see this implemented.

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Would love to have this option. Not every note or comment to a note in HubSpot requires verbiage in a reply. It would be nice to celebrate a note or acknowledge that I read a note without having to reply when words are not needed. The reps don't want to get a notification that I commented on their note on a record only to view the mention and it says 'great' or 'thanks'.