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Integrations with business units

It would be great to be able to integrate apps with more than one business units. Currently it is just Zoom.

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Definitely need G2 asap! Multiple busniess units with multiple profiles but would love to capture G2 intent on both profiles!


Completely agree on this, initial understanding of BU was they were mini HubSpots. Not the case at all and only really works for branding kits. Multiple app association needed, having Zoom as only one makes no sense especially with how not many still use Zoom and moved to Teams, Slack etc.


I agree. Automation is tough when you can only use the one Business Unit's account for Slack for example. 


Yes, i am facing the the exact challenge of not being able to connect microsoft teams to HubSpot. This would affect our business. Kindly do take neccessary measures to bring integration possible for both business units.


My two business units are totally separate businesses and therefore need to integrate with the same tools but with different accounts set up with that 3rd party tool.  Some of the third party tools let you initiate the integration from their tool, which is great.  But not all of them work that way.

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We also have the same concern: to be able to use Teams in the video links for 2 business units!


I wholeheartedly support the suggested idea.


I would love the opportunity to connect apps with multiple business units, not limiting it to just a few options as it is currently.


Have you encountered any difficulties with Google Search Console as well? I've been receiving error emails regarding our Landing pages created on Hubspot, which I'm investigating. I suspect it might be linked to the same problem.

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This is a must for enterprise clients. Some businesses have overlapping tech stacks and must connect each integration to each business unit. This will help remove a lot of friction, allow for better data transfer, and help teams succeed in HubSpot.


Functionality to connect multiple Slack accounts/workspaces please (one per business unit).

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This becomes more and more necessary


Agree specifically with JGood above given our use case. The concept of Business Units in general is a great one but a lot of features are missing, pariciular given the price point. Specific to this idea looking for Zapier instances by Business Unit. For example when creating contacts we may want to set contacts as marketing contacts in one business unit and not the other.


Agreed, I definitely need G2 as soon as possible! I need to be able to integrate different G2 profiles with their own Business Unit. This is creating a manual process for us, as we have to enter leads from our non-connected G2 accounts. 


It's disappointing that this crucial functionality remains elusive even after two years. Given the substantial investment that many of us have made in HubSpot, the inability to connect apps with multiple business units is a significant drawback.