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Integration with Wechat

Hello Hubspot,

It would be very good for a global company like us to be able to use Hubspot to publish Social Media posts on Wechat to promote our company our company on the Chinese market.

Hope this is something Hubspot will be able to propose in the near future.


Thank you


HubSpot Updates
Not Currently Planned
April 17, 2020 11:04 AM

Thank you for sharing your stories and use cases here. We will continue to monitor requests here, the geographic distribution of our users, and the plans of HubSpot's Solution Partners as we make prioritization decisions about which social media platforms to support. We currently do not plan to building posting, monitoring, or reporting functionality within the Social app for WeChat, but we will regularly re-evaluate this choice.

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Just adding my company's voice to this. We're an international company doing business in nearly every country in the world, and WeChat is foundational for any marketing we do in China. Being able to manage our WeChat work through HubSpot would be immensely valuable for us.

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If will be awesome if we can add Sina Weibo,WeChat,TikTok (aka Douyin),Tencent QQ, Baidu Tieba,Tencent Video,Zhihu,Little Red Book,