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Hello Hubspot,

It would be very good for a global company like us to be able to use Hubspot to publish Social Media posts on Wechat to promote our company our company on the Chinese market.

Hope this is something Hubspot will be able to propose in the near future.


Thank you


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Yes! Also, look forward to having weibo, wechat & zhihu in the social plugin. 

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and, as a CRM with form function, it will be great if the form can be intergrated in Wechat. 

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To Have an Inegration with WeChat would be great for everybody who is doing business in/with China. Many business discussions are held over WeChat here, because everybody has WeChat, easily usabale on the PC and has much more function then any other messanger to me.


If we can integrate Data from WeChat was the second question of my colleague after introducing Hubspot to him. Does it work without VPN was the first.



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Integration with wechat would be great, but from what I can tell and tested there's obvious issues on the wechat end:


wechat API gives you an openID, nickname and other info which you can't really map to anything, and the unique identifier openID is unknown to the user themselves so if you have a form, there's no use asking for that as they wouldn't know it


If you fed in data from wechat subscribers, you will basically have a bunch of useless records, as well as the fact you wouldn't be able to track them using their wechat record when they visit the site (as there's only openID to identify them, and they wouldn't know their own openID). 


If anyone has suggestions on this it would be greatly appreciated

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 Yes, social integration for China (WeChat) and Korea (LINE, KakaoTalk) would be especially useful.

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This is extra important. Salesforce has integration with charket (paid) as well as other wechat integrations (free). When can we expect a development on this? I'm sure it's quite easy doing it through API.

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Our team is also looking for a way to capture WeChat conversations in HubSpot records (following StefanK's comment) due to the popularity with our clients in China.  Generally we already have a HS contact, so it would just be a matter of logging the discussions from WeChat with an existing record.  

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Hi HubSpot,

We are looking for a WeChat 'Share content' button (simular to the already excisting Linkedin and Facebook social media share buttons within Hubspot) and a Wechat 'Follow me' button module for on our (Chinese) website. Hope this is something Hubspot will be able to make available soon. Thank you.



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Is anyone from Hubspot listening?

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The first post on this was on ‎05-12-2017... It is 2019 now. @Hubspot, could you please response to this. 

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Given the widespread adoption of the social networks WeChat and Weibo in China, these channels are becoming more and more important for us to leverage as part of our inbound marketing strategy.


HubSpot, do not ignore this and up your game ASAP!


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When will there be a status update on the WeChat integration progress?  

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Would be great to:
- publishing tools for WeChat 

- link contacts with WeChat accounts 
- log conversations (maybe using the backup mode from WeChat to a PC)

- integrate to Sequences
- integrate to WorkFlows

- use templates

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Hi everyone,


So many people were interested in Hubspot to integrate with WeChat.

I would love to share that Hubspot now has the Integration solution with WeChat!


More info/details to click here

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The link to more information on the WeChat Integration with Hubspot does not seem to be working.

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Dear Hubspot, as other users, we are surprised not to see any reply from you guys on this topic. WeChat is indeed key to our strategy in China. Many thanks in advance

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second this idea!