Integration with OneDrive (for Business)

Hi Team,


Like many businesses out there, we use Office365 and as part of that we'd like to make use of OneDrive for file storage and sharing (as bad as OneDrive is, but lets not go there...).  


Hubspot CRM doesn't currently support integration with OneDrive for Business.  Are there plans to do so and/or what is the support like from other users of HubSpot?


It would be nice to be able to be able to fully integrate the O365 suite with both HubSpot for quote/contract upload to client records and remove the data from being housed on a device and personal dropbox account.

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Necessary!  We have Office 365 integration... why not OneDrive? And, perhaps, SharePoint.

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Hi Team - Any update on this?

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I would love to see a OneDrive integration for Hubspot! Is this coming along at all? 

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Absolutely agree.  OneDrive for business is very common and would be a smart integration

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Also agree and full calendar integration too please 

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 I couldn't agree more on both the OneDrive integration and Calendar integration

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This would be an awesome integration and we definately need it.  It seems silly to upload a document to the CRM when it could be stored on the other cloud drive.

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Sure, it's something important for Outlook users...

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3 years later, and still nothing. This is the one thing holding us back from jupming in all the way.