Integration with GoToWebinar's Simulated Live Feature

GoToWebinar currently offers a 'simulated live' beta feature which allows you to present recordings as webinars. However, HubSpot cannot currently sync these over!

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Integration with GoToWebinar's Simulated Live FeatureHubSpot Product Team
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Hi everyone! This has been resolved and SimuLive events will sync automatically now Smiley Happy

Integration with GoToWebinar's Simulated Live FeatureHubSpot Product Team
changed to: Delivered

The HubSpot/GoToWebinar integration now supports syncing Registrant and Attendance data for all webinar types including Simulated Live (aka Recordings)!


For more informaiton on this update, please refer to this blog post -

Integration with GoToWebinar's Simulated Live FeatureHubSpot Product Team
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Hi everyone, 


My name is Jingo and I'm a product manager at HubSpot. If you'd like to discuss your GoToWebinar feature requests and pain points, please fill out this form and I'll contact you soon. My team is working on ehancing this integration so all of your feedback will be super useful.


Thanks for your patience! Smiley Happy


Integration with GoToWebinar's Simulated Live FeatureHubSpot Product Team
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Everyone email your HS Rep this thread! We've tried the Zapier connection but it wasn't seemless and it has prevented us from implementing the simulated live - which I think will catch on sooner rather than later in our industry. But just like I'm sure the rest of you feel - I'd like to be out in front on it! For the last year at local HS conferences and HUG meetings, some of the best marketers in this space (e.g. Neil Patel) have touted the incredible converstions that simulated live webinars can produce... but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense without the ability to use the cookie tracking of HS forms so registrants can make it into our funnel and be scored, etc. It doesn't seem like it should be all that difficult considering the integration is already there for regular webinars. What is the hold up with the Simulated Live if GotoWebinar has had it as part of there offering for almost 12 months now?? Let your HS rep know we want this so we can run it up the flag pole. It is long overdue!!

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The GTW API has been updated to V2 since April 9, 2018...


The sooner HubSpot can update the integration, the better, as users are looking to run more scheduled live webinars, and still be able to do something with the registrant and attendee data.

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I recently had a shot of integrating zapier withsimulated live webinars. This does not work.


You are tied to linking a single simulated live webinar - not the series (Useless if you have the same webinar on a certain day, for 4 weeks). Plus manually bringing data back into HubSpot.


So zapier is not a viable solution. The only way for this to work is a proper integration.

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This is a feature that we're really hoping for in our organization. If it could be added, that would be great.


Hi, I have been following this process as well and I called Today: HubSpot development team is working on solving this issue currently; that's what I was told. But, we aren't quite happy with GTW quality either way, so, has anyone tested ReadyToTalk? Does it have On Demand or/and Simulated live features? 

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Yes, just came across this. Would be great to get this enabled. Struggling with Zapier atm...

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I can verify that Zapier can see the simulated live webinars. So Zapier did update their Zap to GTW's new API.


Unfortunately, the GTW zap requires that you specify the exact webinar session for each zap. So unless you want to make thousands of individual zaps for every future simulated live session of every webinar you have, the solution isn't tenable.

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I'm hoping someone who has previously commented sees this in their inbox. 


Have you changed providers and who too?

Simulated live webinars & HubSpot just does not work. Zapier can only link one specific pre-recorded instance so is also not a solution.


At the moment my only options are
1) Get people to register on GTW simulated live page. This means no HubSpot tracking and wasted admin time putting contact details into HubSpot....or.....
2) Reg on HubSpot and manually put people into the simulated live reg form....Both are waaayyy too manual.

So has anyone changed providers and it does what we need? @cseitz, how did bigmarker work out?

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@LBurke I'm loving bigmarker. Not having the audio issues we had with gotowebinar. I like the interface and simulated live capabilities better. I like that no one has to download anything. The back end is a bit more convoluted to me than it needs to be, but once you figure it out, you're good. One think to consider - if you have a lot of people that would be on legacy IE browsers - they might have trouble. Because it is a web-based platform, attendees need a fairly up-to-date browser. They can use IE 11, but it'll prompt them to download a plugin. We've used multiple types of mics and didn't have the issues we had with GTW. The integration with Hubspot isn't really anything to write home about, but the platform is far better in my opinion. GTW was created as a screen share tool and the fact that they never rewrote code to have audio degrade last is apparent in our experience. So, honeslty, even without the Hubspot integration, another tool is better IMO. Hope that helps! 

Oh, and if you do go with a browser-based system - you obviously want high-speed internet and a hard connection (ethernet cord) works best if you're hosting. Just to ensure maximum quality. 

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@cseitz thanks for the in-depth answer! This really helps me.

Some of our attendees typically would use legacy IE browsers but I will check on google analytics to get an idea of exactly what the situation is. Bigmarker is going to be my first trial for sure.