Integration with GoToWebinar's Simulated Live Feature

GoToWebinar currently offers a 'simulated live' beta feature which allows you to present recordings as webinars. However, HubSpot cannot currently sync these over!

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We've run into this same issue as well. 

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If HubSpot has the beta how do I get access to it???

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We have the same issue. 

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Has this been resolved?

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I had the same problem. This would be a really great option for us as we do a lot of webinars through GoToWebinar.

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We run several webinars a week and have found the simulated live really useful for saving time. However, we are reverting back to live as simulated live isn't integrated. If we do use simulated live, we have to download the report on GTW, adjust the data and import it into Hubspot, adding the contacts to lists for attendee and non attendee - so any time we saved with the simulated live is being spent here - and then some! Fingers crossed for integration.

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Agreed! This is urgently needed for us as well.

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Why isn't this being addressed by HubSpot? It's now almost 6 months since this was first written about - this isn't a Beta feature of GoToWebinar anymore.

It's used in their sales email, featured on their home page, and has it's own landing page:

There's also no note on HubSpot's integration's LIMITATION on your landing page:

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Yes - GoToWebinar integration would be a gamechanger.


 This is much needed - please add this to the integration.