Integration with GoToWebinar's Simulated Live Feature

GoToWebinar currently offers a 'simulated live' beta feature which allows you to present recordings as webinars. However, HubSpot cannot currently sync these over!

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Delivered

The HubSpot/GoToWebinar integration now supports syncing Registrant and Attendance data for all webinar types including Simulated Live (aka Recordings)!


For more informaiton on this update, please refer to this blog post -

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Thank you Hubspot Team! Can't wait to put this to good use. 

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That's great news! Thanks to all for listening and putting this in.

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One quick question.

Does the attendance information go beyond simply showing that someone attended?

Example: if someone enters a webinar and then leaves in 1 minute and it shows that the person attended the webinar, that is actually bad information. It'll potentially put the person in the wrong workflows, tag them wrong, etc etc, as we'll think she watched the whole webinar when in fact she only viewed 1 minute. 

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That's great news!

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It's great that all webinar types are now coming through to HubSpot. 


Unfortunately repeated sessions, on different days for example, of a single webinar remain treated as individual registrations in HubSpot. I was under the impression that after this development that a user could select any of the multiple sessions as you can on on a GoToWebinar form / landing page. 

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I will definitely be trying this out...

Thanks for much for making it a priority, and getting it done.




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Thank you! I was scheduling three Simulated Live webinars this past Monday (before I got the notice) and I was able to sync them in HubSpot. Honestly, when I turned them each on it was as though I forgot that we couldn't sync SL webinars. Very happy to finally have the process for Live and Simulated Live webinars - keeps our process consistent and is less work. Good job HubSpot.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Delivered

Hi everyone! This has been resolved and SimuLive events will sync automatically now Smiley Happy