Integration of Campaigns and Projects

Integrate created tasks within Productivity > Projects and Productivity > Calendar so that created tasks are reflected in both tools and can be assigned to specific Campaigns.


Couldn't agree more. Love to be able to create a task manually and have another pulldown menu to tie the task to a project and a campaign or just to one.

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Creating tasks in a project is great for team workflow, but would be ideal if we could associate the project with a campaign (so tasks in calendar show up as campaign items).

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I completely agree with this topic. Many on my team like the Hubspot calendar feature, but feel it isn't as organized as it could be without being able to assign projects to campaigns. We use our calendar often in conjunction with specific events or campaigns, and without being able to filter the calendar by this layer specific tasks get lost in the shuffle. Plus it can't be color-coded (which seems small, but really helps organization when there are dozens of subtasks to look at in the calendar).


Feels like it'd be an easy fix!

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Would love this feature.  90% of our projects relate to a campaign and it would be useful to be able to quickly click through to the corresponding campaign, and even better, filter the projects by a campaign.

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Fully agree! It would also be helpful to colour code based on status of assigned tasks.

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This would be awesome! At the moment we are using multiple ways of planning our marketing, it would be far easier if HubSpot was able to integrate these so it can all be done in the same place. 

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Definitely a room for improvement! They do, in a way, serve different purposes, but the fact that you can see all these tasks on the calendar tool, being able to categorize tasks created in the project tool will certainly make the calendar tool a lot more powerful.

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Please give us this feature! 


It drives me crazy that in my calendar view I can create a task that is assigned to a campaign but then it won't show up in projects. So if I want to track my tasks correctly I can't tie them to any campaigns which so I can't accurately measure activity. The functionality seems to already be built they just don't talk to each other. 

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Please add the option to assign campaigns to projects! This will allow us to use one fluid program for a marketing calendar versus going back and fourth between programs.

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I would love this feature as well. It would allow you to see the project items and the campaign items in one. 

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Would make a lot of sense to us as well, make an integration possible between projects and campaigns.