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Integration between MS Exchange and HubSpot calendars

Hi! As U know, 

you have some limitations with this type of calendar:
Bi-directional sync between your Exchange and HubSpot calendars is not supported:
  • Meetings created via a CRM record will not be added to an Exchange calendar.
  • Meetings created in an Exchange calendar not sync with HubSpot as a calendar event

the limitations only will allow customers to set a meeting through a meeting link, but not really connecting and syncing meetings between Hubspot and exchange.


As support manager said, "This is a fairly new feature (exchange connection) so we are still working on it in this case".


We're working on MS Exchange, successfuly added e-mails boxes to Hubspot, and now it’s crucial to work properly with MS Exchange calendar 😞

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We also have a client that uses Exchange and it would be very useful to have the same options in terms of meeting sync as the outlook and the google calendar features!