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Integration between MS Exchange and HubSpot calendars

Hi! As U know, 

you have some limitations with this type of calendar:
Bi-directional sync between your Exchange and HubSpot calendars is not supported:
  • Meetings created via a CRM record will not be added to an Exchange calendar.
  • Meetings created in an Exchange calendar not sync with HubSpot as a calendar event

the limitations only will allow customers to set a meeting through a meeting link, but not really connecting and syncing meetings between Hubspot and exchange.


As support manager said, "This is a fairly new feature (exchange connection) so we are still working on it in this case".


We're working on MS Exchange, successfuly added e-mails boxes to Hubspot, and now it’s crucial to work properly with MS Exchange calendar 😞

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Currently unable to sync my calendar because our agency runs microsoft exchange and not office365

Teilnehmer/-in | Platinum Partner

We also have a client that uses Exchange and it would be very useful to have the same options in terms of meeting sync as the outlook and the google calendar features!

Teilnehmer/-in | Elite Partner

Hi there,


I have found few topics on MS exchange but no info on when, if it is currently in development, it will be be able to sync with HubSpot. 

Any ideas?


Thank you