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Integration Between Tasks and Conversations

Hey all!

Recently, I noticed that Tasks is not available from the Conversations sidebar - while other things like Tickets, Deals, Companies, and others features are.


Our CSR and Operations teams just recently started to use Tasks as a way to follow up on conversations that don't require a Ticket staying open - and it would speed up our workflow to be able to create a Task through the sidebar while still on the Conversations page. This would also keep us from having to independently link the record that we were already working on (i.e. the email or chat conversation we were just responding to).



I don't know if this feature would be useful to anyone else, but thought I'd post about it anyway!

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I support this request. It would realy speed up our workflow also if we could create tasks within a conversation in Inbox. Please fix this!


Has this ever seen seen by Hubspot? 2 years now since Micah posted this.


We have set our conversation inbox to work as tickets, using this feature: "Log all new conversations that come into this channel as tickets."


When new tickets are created, we create tasks in association with the ticket. We reply to the ticket in the conversation view since it adds our team email signature for Support. However, we can't see or create any tasks in the Conversation view.