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Integrating Project Tasks in Marketing with Tasks in Sales

Hi !

We are setting up our internal team management with Hubspot and looking into using Tasks. We find great the Tasks functionality in Sales as well as Projects in Marketing. It's a pity they do not communicate. 

I understand that currently Project Tasks on the Marketing Platform and Tasks on the Sales Platform are two separate functionalities designed for different purposes. As I understand Project Tasks were designed to organize internal processes for the team such as creating and maintaining a Campaign, or content creation. They are separate from Tasks on the Sales Platform, which were designed to keep track of communication between users and individual contacts throughout the Sales process.

In reality things are not so easily distinct and it's a pity they are not integrated. It would really help to be able to add Project Tasks into my general Tasks backlog. In essence, they are quite similar and it would help me to manage team work globally. I imagine using Projects to plan campaigns or other actions and then detail it into specific tasks added into Sales Tasks, the latter being the reference for Tasks management.

Hope this suggestion can be adressed !

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I had a similar thought- it would be really good if I could set tasks to remind me to look at the analytics of the most recent blogs/social media/email posts I sent out

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In our portal, we often have a handful of sales tasks assigned to marketing - many are often overdue or missed because we work primarily out of projects. It would be great if sales tasks assigned to marketing could show in projects.


The task functionality in the sales side is so much nicer than the marketing side. I agree it would be nice to integrate the two for cross-functionality of teams. But my main wish right now is to have a tasks board on the marketing side so that I can keep track of task projects. 


I agree will all of the above. Our technical sales staff use tasks in HubSpot CRM but they also contribute heavily to our marketing content. I would love to be able to create marketing project tasks and have these show up on their HubSpot CRM task list. I have spoken to our sales staff about this and they agree. They want one place to see both marketing and sales related tasks. 


At a minimum, maybe this functionality should be introduced at the workflow level? A new task created in Projects triggers a workflow that creates a task in HubSpot CRM. Right now, I cannot see a way to use a task as a trigger. 


we need the combination from tastks in projects with tasks in sales als well, especially we work from different offices together and so it would be much easier to monuitor and manage time and tasks

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It's also not conducive to managing Service-Related Projects (i.e. initiatives for implementation or delighting customers beyond just resolving tickets).


Projects & Tasks should be platform-level features as opposed to marketing and sales features respectively.


These tools should be leveraged cross-functionally across an organization and therefore also need to be tied together better with each other. So, each project sub-item should ultimately show up as a task. This would also help as you were working on projects to create project queues, that way you could 'bang out' tasks for a particular project in a bit more of a concentrated way.


This exchange began in 2017 and the last contribution dated January 2020. I see no update or response from the HubSpot team. Have I missed something?


The issue initially brought up is one that we are also faced with. The ability to at least associate a Project task to a Sales task seems like an easy fix what with it already being possible to attach a HubSpot Asset to a given Project task.


We are working hard to centralize our collaboration within HubSpot but the fact that the Marketing and Sales sides are separate from one another is silly. As soon as you have access to both, the task management function should be integrated.


Well written, I just came back with a similar idea to the hubspot Support team. I do use Projects for the whole marketing campaigning and the tasks for my team to fulfill what to do. But we are also using with the whole company hubspot, so there are some tasks given to us from Service and Sales. I really need to combine the task functions as I can't really see my teams tasks at once. Please consider the logic putting them together in a Dashboard or something else.


Agree with all of the above, well explained points. 


Come on HubSpot, we'd like you to reply to your community about adding a filtered list in Tasks which would include Tasks from Projects 🙂

Our SaaS business, ReferAll receives various requests to join up areas of our software, for either reporting or day-to-day visibility, and in most cases we deliver when it would be good for global usage.




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Agreed with the above as well. The great feature of HubSpot is how everything is how all data is connected, but having Project Tasks and Sales Tasks separate is an exception. Having the ability to connect them would be great!


This is absolutely needed.


Agreed, seems like an oversight to silo tasks in two different applications. 


Absolutely needed. My marketing team has began using tickets and tasks within those - primarily because alot of our marketing revolves around the sale's team's needs. We're able to tie marketing tickets and tasks to specific deals, companies, and contacts that way. 


Having the ability to then associate a sales "task" with a marketing campaign (task) would be epic! 


This function would really upgrade the project module, and is crucial for following up timely the tasks. the queue system could tag the project tasks quite nicely. 

Fully support to implement this soon. Keep me updated on the status


Also could really do with this feature being added - I'm a freelancer and would like to have my project tasks show up on my Sales tasks list, so I just have one master list of tasks.


Going back and forth will lead to me missing tasks, almost certainly.


This would be awesome and a way to view all tasks in a calendar view that is able to filter by any HubSpot property.


To make "everything Hubspot," I was promoting changing Jira projects to the simpler Hubspot projects because it would nicely integrate with the other tasks people have to do. I was surprised that the Hubspot Projects tasks were not in peoples "normal" tasks, making us switch back to Jira. 


I can't believe it's been 5 years and this has still not been implemented!


Agree & am beggin' for everything everyone's been mentioning for years now. I realize there are integrations with true project management solutions but one of the big reasons we adore HS is that we can do "nearly" everything in one place. I would be Amazing for the entire Projects piece to get some love sooner-than-later.