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Integrate with Nextdoor as an ad and social platform

Nextdoor is launching a new ad buying platform that is very similar to Facebooks Ad Manager and our company was invited to be an early user. For businesses like ours, that want to advertise directly to homeowners locally or nationally, Nextdoor can be an important platform. So it would be useful if the option to integrate and track their Nextdoor accounts and ads was available in Hubspot. 


Conversion tracking is one area that Nextdoor haven't quite fleshed out yet for various reasons, including not having their own pixel yet. In our company's particular case conversions are hard to track from Nextdoor because it lacks the integration that other social platforms and their ads have available in Hubspot. So far I have been able to track some things using Campaigns and source drilldowns but I know I am losing results in there. 

I think once this new ad platform is available to all advertisers there will be a significant need for this feature. 

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This would be a useful feature addition, but may need some additional tracking. Even just an ability to track some traffic from next door posts could be extremely useful. A surprising amount of leads convert when referenced from Nextdoor as they have trust in their peers and we aim to protect that as much as we can


This is a fantastic idea and would love to know if anyone has found a way to integrate Nextdoor with Hubspot?