Integrate with Click2Call to keep phone numbers hidden

Hello, I just started using the free crm.  Seems great, but one major flaw.  I am shocked to find there is no privacy setting of phone number and of emails to direct click to call and click to email in order to protect the company from having agents/sales reps stealing the clients . ( this is a major issue if a company spends massive amounts of money for marketing campaigns to have employees stealing the leads.   " This privacy feature MUST be added. "       If you can help me in the meantime before I grow with hubspot, to make sure that my current telcom provider commpeak, can integrate their option of privacy settings for click to call and click to email will work...


this is what they gave me to give to the tech team at hubspot for integrating their privacy click to call setting.


****Hey this is the example of the link that need to be integrated on the CRM side ( Get request to our clic2call server )$Vendor/$ID/$User/$phone/$prefix

$leg_a = User ( i.e. 2000 )

$leg_b = Destination number .

$prefix = prefix on the pbx if any custom prefix needs to be used i.e. 00.


For the Click2Call

Thank you for your time.


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