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Integrate to Zoom Meetings in addition to Webinars

Currently, Hubspot's integration to Zoom only automates workflow and filters based on Webinars, and not with Meetings. In the midst of COVID-19, we've shifted all events virtually. Some are webinars, but others are Zoom large group meetings (100+ registrants), which allow for breakouts and more interaction between attendees. It woud be wonderful if Hubspot would integrate with Zoom Meetings, instead of only Zoom Webinars.

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If I could, I'd up vote this 100 times. We have shifted all of our meetings to *meetings* in Zoom, not webinars because of the increased interactivity available. I want to track our customer's attendance and registrations which means I have to manually do that for each and every registration - and in my case that's hundreds and hundreds of participants that require my time to manually register them on Zoom or update them in a list on HubSpot. Very frustrating. 


Our company is also looking to switch our trainings from Zoom webinar to Zoom meeting due to additional functionality such as break out rooms. We currently have Hubspot workflows built to add our training attendees to Zoom webinars automatically, and then manually approve the attendees in Zoom after we ensure they are qualified to attend.


With the lack of integration between Hubspot and Meetings, we would either have to ask our attendees to register a twice (once using a Hubspot landing page then a second time for the Zoom meeting), or we would have to change the Zoom registration to an open link and could then have people join that we do not want in the trainings which causes a security problem.


Either case can lead to a possible poor user experience. Please create the same functionality you already have with Zoom webinar for meetings aswell!


Same feedback -- would like parity on Zoom meeting (with registration) integration in Hubspot as with Zoom webinar. With the move to more online events, the breakout rooms feature of Zoom meetings is ideal for our online workshops and now I'm a little frustrated that I'll need to do manually uploads to Hubspot. 


Agree with you @jzickOur salespeople have a user account under our mother account and manage their own meetings. But these registrations will not be registered as an activity in HubSpot. So, we lose valuable information and our contact will not get a proper GDPR subscription either. Is there planning for some adjustment anytime soon?


We are also running into this issue. It sounds like there are some plans for zoom webinar to include breakout rooms and increased functionality to support this, but who knows when that will happen.


Right now we are marketing through hubspot, linking to constant contact for event payment, confirmation screen bringing them to the zoom registration link (so that the attendance list is populated properly via CEUs), and now we are importing registration/event lists in order to unenroll contacts from event marketing. It feels so convoluted. 


Same here, I was trying out the workflow feature for sending contacts to Zoom Webinars, and it worked very well.

But we sometime use Zoom Meetings because this option gives us the possibility of having breakout rooms, so adding Zoom Meetings as an option would be very helpful.


I hope someone's working on getting this feature added very soon. It's a hassle to have lists formulated manually from zoom meeting registration and attendance.


We have the same issue since we use the breakout rooms in meetings for a few of our webinars. The work around we are doing for now is creating a webinar so we do't have to upload lists for manual registration and then on the day of the event we turn the webinar into a meeting. This does not change the links and the attendees dont even notice the change until they get into the room. Not ideal but it works for now where we dont have to worry about the registration process. It would be great to have the option to have breakouts in the webinar setting.


If I could upvote this 10x over I would! We have the same issue, we only operate with Zoom meetings, not webinars as there is no interactivity with the webinars. 


@Cattel001 When you convert the webinar to meeting on the day of the event, does the Workflow still recognize the Webinar ID? Or is it then invalid?

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Yes! This is something we get asked by clients a lot. This would make sales automation amazing as well. 


+100 upvotes, indeed. We have monthly product trainings for our customers and we really need to be able to tell who attended. 


Echoing everything already said by others. In addition to Webinars (which integrate with Zoom beautifully), my company leads smaller, interactive client trainings that we set up as Large Meetings. Registrants either need to sign up twice (once on HubSpot, once on Zoom) or we must turn off the Zoom registration altogether which a) makes tracking attendance a royal pain, and b) opens the door to security problems with people joining who shouldn't be there. Please do what you must to make the Zoom large meeting experience as seamless as the Zoom webinar experience! 


I'm also on the bandwagon! 


We are holding Zoom sessions as fundraisers for our nonprofit. We want a Zoom meeting, for the interactive reasons that others have noted.


With payment links, this is now awesome! We can create a landing page with a form and payment link. But it would be awesome for the Zoom piece to be integrated, too!