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Integrate external chatbots with HubSpot Chatbot

We have set up an external chatbot using ChatScript and some AI, it responds via a REST API. We send it additional info like an access token for the currently connected user, which we use for server-side interactions (.e.g check the delivery status of an order etc.). 


We'd like to be able to plug this into the hubspot system in a way that would allow us to branch over to the hubspot live chat for the use cases where the bot is unable to respond. 


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YES 1000% TIMES. We're an AI service, our product's core message is to reduce mundane tasks and automate things like customer service tickets and communications, yet I am having an incredibly hard time finding any way to get chats and Levity to play nice together. My current use case is to defer chats to an AI bot when a human is not immediately present, but I would love to integrate it for my notes, tasks, etc.


This would indeed be very helpful.  Especially since the Hubspot's AI bot is not really top tier just yet....