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Integrate SMS texts with Conversations

Add SMS text messages as a channel to the Conversations Inbox.

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Being Reviewed
May 19, 2020 02:46 PM

We're currently evaluating SMS as a Conversations channel and will update this issue with more information in the next few months.

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This is also the number 1 feature we would like to see in HubSpot.

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Would love to see this implemented as I have a number of clients who use Sakari and it is painful that they cant manage incoming conversations like that.


SMS is my #1 feature I'd like to see too in Hubspot. I'm trying to find a product to integrate in for the interim. One product I tried was no good, so now I'm looking for suggestions, can anyone help? This is for confirming sales appointments or a sales discussion content, outbound call follow-up etc. 

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What is the latest on this?!


Best idea is to reach out to they have deep expertise in SMS and Hubspot, through Sakari, plus bonus of VoiP phone too.  

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Hello, Adam from here.  We continue to mention/remind the HubSpot team about this.  The HubSpot developer day was last week, this was one of the items I brought up.  We'd love to see, as would customers. 


This is a no brainer. This more-so helps the b2c businesses (which is probably why this doesn't have more upvotes) who have thousands of customers a day who, in a high majority of cases, prefer text over email. I was told in the sales process it could integrate (when discussing the inbox) and again after I made the purchase (both from the sales rep) that the company we use should be able to drive the integration, but I found out today from an onboarding member that it's not built in HubSpot to have anywhere to drive the integration to in the inbox feature- only under the contact, deal, etc.. This is a huge upset to us who does a large portion of our sales contacting through texting. Please add this!


We were told it was already integrated before purchase,now apparently its not, seems like a no brainer to me, we have thousands of customers who prefer communication through text messaging, we would have to find a service to use seperate from hubspot if there is no way to integrate this together making it not a streamline process from start to finish. More clicks lose sales. 

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We are an SMS provider with a native HubSpot integration.  We created a workaround to add SMS support to the conversations inbox.  You can grab some time on my calendar here and I can walk you through it:


We need this!


We've had this functionality working for about a year now using Message Media's email-to-sms gateway.


Customer texts & emails appear side by side in the same conversations inbox, and replies from our staff are transparently routed to the correct place (responses to texts are received as texts, emails are received as emails). 


It takes about 5 minutes to set up and test in the messagemedia UI (I believe they still offer free trials). Just add the email associated with your HS conversations inbox to the configuration below: 



All text messages received will now appear in HS conversations, show up in the contact's activity timeline, etc. 


I can't speak for Sakari, but my guess is that they offer a similar solution. Might be worth shopping it around and seeing which provider you like best.


"Being reviewed" since 2018?  Is this really on the roadmap?  


@GregZ  Sadly this is on Hubspot to allow apps like to integrate. 

hopefully this year!