Integrate SMS texts with Conversations

Add SMS text messages as a channel to the Conversations Inbox.

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Yes this seems like a no-brainer especially will calling built in to the sales pro.

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I currently call contacts thru hubspot, why not SMS?

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Simplii has an integration. just click on any number in Hubspot or any other window to send a text message and history is attached to th contact record associated with that phone number. Yes, click and text a number from your email or a website and it will attach a copy to the contact with that phone number.  It comes with phone integration. Let me know if you'd like to see it.

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I agree that the texting (SMS) would make sense to include as an added feature in Sales Pro.  More and more we are communicating with our contacts and making decisions via text.  The instant copy of the text into HubSpot would be an immense help.

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Hi @hroberts - we're hoping to build Salesmsg into conversations Smiley Happy


HubSpot just updated their API to get closer to do that.

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This needs to be in the conversations inbox.  Communicating just through the contact - where many of the 3rd parties integrate isn't a good way for support/high volume sales to interact.  It would be great to see this added as an integration with Twilio or using a third party - just like email.

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Is there any update on this at all? I was told by Sakari that it would be available soon. 

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Conversations is the perfect tool to have SMS added.