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Integrate Playbook with Hubspot Outgoing Call

When a Hubspot user places an outbound call from Hubspot, it opens the call pane with the option to take notes, record, etc. Then separately, if a playbook is activated, a separate pane opens up and offers the ability to log a call.


As a result, if one wants to not just use the playbook but also dial from Hubspot, they end up with two call records: one with the recording, transcription, etc, and then the other one with the playbook answers.


Can this be better integrated so there's only one call record with everything?

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This is one of the most confusing points for our sales teams and preventing us from getting everyone properly onboarded to use direct calling and playbooks. Critical for us as reps are measured on Playbook utilization.


Solution idea: 

If you click to call, the Open Call Options button/link includes a dropdown to select an available playbook. 


I'm having the same issue with the Zoom Meetings - HubSpot integration. When trying to use the HubSpot Playbook within Zoom, the Playbook logs a separate call. So according to my manager, I'm calling a contact and having a meeting with them on the same day


We are dealing with the same issue. All calls are registered double because of the way Playbooks works. 
Starting a call from the playbook would give a solution and create a better workflow for our sales.


Would love to see this implemented, both for productivity as for reporting!


This really is a big issue.  I would LOVE to help my team improve efficiency and reporting.


Just spoke to support about this as I just couldn't believe it wouldn't work.


I thought I was going mad.


Needs sorting please Hubspot.