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Integrate Outlook 365 with Schedule tab / Combine Google Calendar integration with Meetings

These two things should not be separate. They should be managed by one central calendar integration service that can be used for Meetings links or the Schedule tab in the CRM:


Outlook - "New Meeting Request" integration to HubSpot is key for those that use Microsoft Office products professionally like Outlook.  I'm a little surprised it hasn't already been integrated.

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February 15, 2019 09:14 AM

Hey @MattF! The meetings should be excluded if they are only with users in HubSpot or their emails are hosted on your domain (see the knowledgebase article):

  • HubSpot automatically prevents any events from being added for members of your organization based on email domain, and existing users in your HubSpot account.

If you're seeing that not to be the case, please reach out to our Support team so they can dig into your examples!
If they don't meet this criteria, I'd recommend filing a new ideas forum submission about having some sort of Meetings equivalent to our email "Never Log" setting 🙂

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February 15, 2019 09:07 AM

Hi all! I'm very pleased to announce the two way sync integration for Outlook 365, offering feature parity with our Google one, is now live to all users: We will be working in future to make this an even more streamlined integration that links up with our Meetings tool, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, if there are any more calendar related features you would like to see us build, please submit new ideas so we can gauge community interest. Thanks again for all your feedback!

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January 31, 2019 05:29 AM

January 31, 2019 05:27 AM

Good news! 


We now have a working solution for a 2-way sync between Office365 calendar and HubSpot. We'll be rolling this out to all portals in the next several weeks!

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April 25, 2017 08:44 AM

Re: Outlook - "New Meeting Request" integration to HubSpot
April 25, 2017 08:43 AM

Thanks for clarifying that idea, @ndwilliams3!

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April 12, 2017 12:07 PM

@gdlybbert are you referring to the Schedule option on a contact record that is linked to our Google Calendar integration? That feature is only for Gmail users. See this article:


However, if you are a Sales Pro user, our Meetings tool, allows integration with accounts hosted on Outlook 365. See here:

April 05, 2017 06:11 PM

 We would like to see a way to log meetings to CRM from your Outlook calendar. Our sales team heavily uses Outlook and rather than track meetings in HubSpot manually by entering them individually, it would be awesome to have a log meeting to CRM button that would do it automatically!

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Syncing meetings in Outlook is an absolute must for our sales staff. Or as a compromise, if HubSpot could create a calendar feature locally in the CRM much like Salesforce offers.  I would even be willing to update all my sales accounts to Sales Pro if it was offered as a premium feature.

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I tried to schedule a meeting using the schedule function. But it doesn't work except to record the meeting in the contact sheet (which already exists through the "log activity" function). Yet, the email integration works with outlook 365 so why not the calendar integration.

Furthermore, It works with Google Calendar so Why not with Outlook 365 calendar  ?

So the idea that does not seem to be revolutionary would be to send an invitation to the contact and put the meeting in my outlook calendar.

Thank you 



 As the idea was submitted to HubSpot, is there a rough time frame for when this might be implemented? Is this on the roadmap?



One of the problems with merging these two threads is that the title of this one bears no resemblence to meetings in Outlook that someone may be looking for.

How does " Integrate Meetings tool with Google calendar integration and Schedule option in CRM" relate to scheduling a meeting in Outlook?



I also want to see this... the fact that it's missing is really a bit absurd.  Come on guys, get this done, will you?  Why would you have integration with O365 on the email level but not 2-way calendar integration as well?  At least tell us you're working on this.


I am somewhat new to Hubspot, about two months no board. I changed from my hosted Exchange to Office 365 so I could link my email and calendars to one place. I was told the caledar would synch for all appointments and meetings. This is not true. 


Feeling very disapointed that I cannot shedule a meeting into my calendar within the CRM contact. 


I am a paying customer. There are so many choices out there for Sales and Marketing tools / CRM's. I have spent so much time setting up Hubspot and wathcing the learning / trading videos. I am on a one year agreement, but I feel like this may have been a mistake! Ugh. 


I can have clients set up a meeting via the meeting link calendar but I cannot set up one with in the tools unless I use google clendar. I am a big professional company... not using google.


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The Office 365 Calendar would be useful to sync with HubSpot the same way Google Calendars sync. Right now, you cannot log a meeting directly to the Office 365 Calendar from the indicidual contact or company page, but you can with Google, which forces the customer to have two seperate calanders active. It would be useful to create the same integration for 365. 


I need it as water in the desert! Hope they're gonna make it quick!!


This is absolutely needed. Our sales team has to jump back and forth way too often. When you schedule a meeting in Hubspot it should be able to populate on to your Outlook Calendar .

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This is 100% needed. How the functionality already exists for Gmail but not Outlook where this is a business-focused product is very surprising. The ability to log a meeting with a prospect and have it translate directly to their Outlook calendar is a huge need.


 Need this ASAP!!


Are there any updates on this issue?


This is critical for my team. We just upgraded to Office 365 because a Hubspot employee assured me that that was all we needed to do. We think it’s unprofessional to use Google Calendar because it requires the email to come from a gmail address which may be confusing since we do not use gmail for our team.


Please update us on the plan for this integration - it is badly needed!!!!!


I was led to believe, by one of the reps I spoke with, that O365 calendar would sync with with Hubspot. I understand that Meetings works, but Schedule does not.  We recently switched O365 operating under that understanding that functionality would exist. Integrating with O365 calendar is critical to our path forward. Though we like Hubspot so far, this will be a deal breaker for us if there is not a path to O365 integration in the near future. 


Our team needs this badly.  Currently our meeting setters have to set the meeting in hubspot and then again in outlook.  Too many things we have to do twice when using HubSpot.  


I'm rooting for you guys, lets keep the new features coming,  but I'm afraid we are starting to outgrow you.


Same here. We really need this 2-way integration. We need to be able to schedule meetings in outlook and have them appear as activities on relevant deals and contacts. And we need scheduled meetings on a specific contact or deal to be synced to outlook. We cannot use the meetings booking tool for this as it appears to be for customers booking sales reps directly.


 Critical feature that can be a "breaker" when selecting CRM platforms.




This is a necessity for our sales team and others as well I am sure. 


So true, PhillDeac - and yet Hubspot continues their silence on this issue.


I expect they are losing some companies who are considering using Hubspot - over this one issue.


I need this integration, but, haven't gotten a clear answer on whether or not they are working on this.


I too was told there was integration between O365 and HubSpot, just migrated my team over and am disappointed and frusterated that this is so not the case.