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Integrate Outlook 365 with Schedule tab / Combine Google Calendar integration with Meetings

These two things should not be separate. They should be managed by one central calendar integration service that can be used for Meetings links or the Schedule tab in the CRM:


Outlook - "New Meeting Request" integration to HubSpot is key for those that use Microsoft Office products professionally like Outlook.  I'm a little surprised it hasn't already been integrated.

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there is integration for email and for the tool that allows people to set meetings - but not for tight integration between HubSpot reflecting meetings between registered contacts and their meetings on your calendar.


It is very needed

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We Really need this integration. I can't understand why we're still waiting for it ....


I too just became a customer assuming Outlook 365 calendar integration. 

At the least, can you provide us an 'ics' (calendar file) we can run to save the calendar entry.

I really love your product but as our sales team grows this feature will become imperative.


Hi, me too.


Firstly, please can someone change the title of this disscusion to Integrate Outlook 365 calendar with Schedule in Contacts and Meetings in Sales.

I'm also voting for this. We use Outlook on desktops (downloaded form our O365 subscription) and seems really weird to emails snyc'ed to Hubspot but not Calendar.  


We are waiting for Outlook calendar integration as was well. This is one of the blockers for HubSpot CRM and Sales usage.

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I agree that the title of this idea is confusing. I'm not sure exactly how you spell it out, but I think your suggestion get closer. 


Here's my take on the agile user story/elevator pitch...As a Hubspot Sales user I would like the same calendar integration feature the meetings tool offers with the Schedule feature on the Contact record, so that myself or another team member can access my calendar (either Google or Office 365) and book an appointment without leaving the Contact record.


Basically the tools are one in the same, where the meetings tool is external and allows contacts to self book appointments, the Schedule feature is internal and allows you or another user to book form the contact record. Regardless of which one you use, the end result and recorded activity is the same.


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we should be able to  have the same option on outlook calendar than with the google calendar, the outlook and hubsport calendar should be able to be synschronized. An in Hubspot it should have a visible calendar. It is possible in other CRM why not here that is such an important feature


You are absolutely right and Hubspot has to be losing opportunities because of this oversight!


Someone just needs to wake up the programming team and get this resolved!


I've been waiting on this feature for about 2 years with no real feedback from HubSpot, although hopefully some will be coming soon. I'm at the point where I'm about to give up on using the CRM as my 'home base' because this feature is lacking, and instead change up my workflows to something less frustrating.


As such, I met up with our new account manager at Inbound and brought up this issue, and end of last week she told me she was following up with their teams internally to try and get some visibility into what is going on. I'm expecting this week to either hear some definitive implementation plans, or be given the tacit nudge to find a new workflow.


Whatever the result I will make sure to share on this thread. I imagine there are a lot of us who have been waiting so long for what seems to be such a small development task, especially considering the integration work is clearly already done (see Sales Meetings).


Thanks, Andy -


It's hard to image what the hold up is with as many people in the same boat as we are. Hubspot acts like everything is InBound for every organization - which is short-sighted at best. 


Since I began this thread I have had several Customer Support people try to reach out and do work-arounds, but none have worked. They all indicate that they are all waiting on the Development Team to complete this loop.


No one from Development has reached out to me, to date.



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100% this. We work in higher ed, where Office 365 has a huge share. This would be a real help.

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Reflecting previous comments. No google business, Office is here to stay, Sales don't want any double entry and are pushing back on the idea as they switch over to HS CRM fully.


When is a CRM not a CRM, when it doesn't integrate with Outlook maybe.


I have voted for this as I use Hubspot for two different organisations.

One uses gmail (as it is a small not-for profit) and the integration works fine.

The main organisation uses 365 and not being able to schedule a meeting from within the company / contact record and have it syncing to the calendar is ludicris in my opinion.

365 adoption is growing exponentially across the globe and providers need to keep up with what is happening to ensure they are providing integrations to platforms that are being used.


I contacted HubSpot on Twitter and received the following responses:


"Thanks for reaching out, to my knowledge there is no current plan to match O365 calendar integration with the gmail one. this is likely dependent on O365 giving us two-way access and the current software compatibility there"


I said that it is a real shame as this is something that is wanted by a large number of people across the Hubspot forum community - to which I got...


"I would love that too! Since integrations are collaborative, putting this in place would require work from our end and o365's. I encourage you to comment/upvote these posts on the forum. The more traction - the better the chance it is implemented".


So in short - 2 years since this thread began and no progress has been made....

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yes that is a real shame, other CRM even mor small than hubspot offer this feature, so why not Hubspot? Actually this is a concern in our choice wich CRM we keep


This is starting to be a problem for us, getting the sales team to use the system for appointments is near impossible

I'm starting to realise HubSpot is a marketing tool, not a sales tool so probably need to vote with my feet.

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Somebody from the HubSpot side needs to get in contact with Microsoft and figure this out. There is no way that they would deny an integration or refuse to work on a solution if enough effort is put into it. The benefit is more than clear.


I reject the idea that Microsoft is unwilling to work with hub spot to create an integration. Hub spot already has an integration with Microsoft on the meetings portion of the software. This is absolutely unacceptable from my point of view, and we will be leaving  The hub spot platform. I also know of several other business owners in my local business community that are considering the same. Hubspot has a lot of positive things going for it, but this is a major miss! And the fact that several customers are getting the impression from hub spot employees that there is in fact an integration for this function, presents a whole different problem. We would not have even started with Hubspot if we understood that we couldn't integrate with O365 in this way. That was one of the top essential features in our decision making process. 


We are also disappointed with the lack of communication from Hubspot on this topic. 


Making it easy to leave. 




I couldn't agree more.


Some integration is already occurring. To think that we - the users - should let Microsoft know there is a problem, seems ridiculaous to me.


There is somethign Hubspot is either overlooking, or not telling us, and they are losing business because of it.




I'm completely in the same situation as the rest of you. 

We only just got on HubSpot less than 4 weeks ago and the shortfalls of this system is becoming a nightmare! I cannot believe we are paying nearly the equivalent cost of a SugarCRM license for a CRM that is only half as capable.



Surely, *at the very least * we can cc in hubspot when sending out an appointment (similar to logging an email) to include the meeting record into the contact?