Integrate Marketing Content with Sales Documents

We've just begun using SalesPro and I'm setting up Sequences for the team to use. Often in the email content I'm linking to marketing content already hosted in HubSpot File Manager for landing pages etc. It would be great if I didn't have to re-upload content in the Sales tool to be able to use it in a Template or Sequence. Seems redundant. 

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Yes! I am working on implementing documents for our sales team. It feels reduntant to have the files hosted in two places. But also - I am concerned that having these in multiple places means that we may update a file in one area and forget the others - leaving our sales guys with outdated material (and not necessarily realizing it).

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And we would realy like to leverage the header/footer of our basic email templates as in the templates for emails in the Sales tool.

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Ditto on comments above - although in our case it's the other way around, i.e. have access to Sales docs in marketing content as suggested here.

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Absolutely.  Having the two document repositories is very challenging for document version control.


An industry white paper will be used in marketing blogs, landing pages, and marketing emails...and it will definitely be used in sales emails and sequences as well.

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Absolutely agree - document version control between sales and marketing has become a big frustration for us between these two tools. If you upload the document to sales from the file manager one time, then it needs to automatically replace that document when it gets updated or overwritten in the file manager.